Album reviews: Sarah Jarosz, Jonny Lang, Blitzen Trapper

They were greeted with exuberance by the crowd, delighted the band were back in town after an absence of a decade. Join now. They extended songs into funky cosmic jams; jams that rocked and teased with nimble prog sensibility; jams that never lost sight of the tune or wandered off in to indulgence All Across This Land was filled to bursting with monster riffs but never bored and never bludgeoned. The presentation was unfussy with crystal clear sound and the band easy with each other on the stage, plenty of smiles, clearly enjoying both their performance and the crowd reaction. The crowd were in raptures throughout, word perfect and dancing, more than pleased the band were back in town after the monster absence — noted by Marquis with a tip of the hat to the Thekla. The band even survived Earley forgetting a lyric, crashing and burning the excellent Rebel and forcing a restart of the tune. Black River Kille r was undoubtedly the most popular cut of the evening, a powerful yet stately rendition, but then the new tunes were received with delight and the well-judged set satisfied in terms of style and span. The band returned for a stripped back Lady on the Water before Rock and Roll Was Made for You finished the evening in rambunctious style, a blizzard of duelling leads,leaving the crowd hollering for more but satisfied.

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Thirsty Man Lyrics: Well I been drivin’ all night, on a road to nowhere / With the devils convoy, black smoke upon my tracks / Girl, I hardly knew.

The video for Blitzen Trapper’s newest single, “Black River Killer,” features a studio audience of a talk show all wearing a version of the same horrible mask – one of composure mixed with a sadistic smirk and gray, penetrating eyes. They sit stoically through the early parts of the killer’s story, a plight that is influenced almost solely by his inability to overrule the quick work of the devil and his insatiable hunger for merciless, random murder.

When the explanation is finally out, unraveled like a roll of carpeting – a history of needless, remorseless violence that cannot be slowed or dissuaded – they aggressively call for his head — the same kind of violence to be done to the killer that he inflicted with knives and pistols. The audience is angry and thirsty for what it would call justice, but what the scene, full of whooping and crazed body language, really goes to show is the same natural inclinations for homicidal tendencies in all human beings.

Some are just more “right” than others. Some of these tendencies are just looked at as the less crooked kinds, but it’s a fine line that one only tends to see when they’ve been pushed. Portland’s Blitzen Trapper find many different ways to bring us into its wild mountain nation – one that now, even after the Daytrotter record-breaking fourth visit here, still holds new looks, insights and dimensions to explore. It’s a thick underbrush of vegetation which has grown over the countless rifle shell casings that unleashed the slugs that felled men and buffalo, whatever was out there moving and could be eaten by the scrawny prospectors and settlers.

It’s an underbrush that grows out of soil that been piled upon itself, layer-by-layer of compost and decaying carcasses, covering up arrowheads chiseled out of soft rocks by the natives who lived their previously. It’s a land that does not exist on its clear boundaries – of men who have it all placed and agreed upon – but as a place that drifts like the map-less and still remains true to very earthy ideals, the kinds that sometimes come back and bite you.


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plowohio 27 Dec Who knew alt-country would become one of my favorite genres? I love @BlitzenTrapper. LadyPonusky 3 Dec

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Blitzen Trapper shares first official single from new album via Paste, out Sept. 30 on Vagrant

The group signed to Sub Pop Records in the summer of The release of Furr in was a high-water mark for the group as their eclectic new songs received a two-page feature in Rolling Stone. The album was ranked No. Their ninth studio release – marking a return to the band’s own label LidKerCow – is titled Wild and Reckless and was released on November 3, The band that would come to be known as Blitzen Trapper began life under the name Garmonbozia in the year

But one can readily tell that he’s well versed in the classics, as his music reflects When Blitzen Trapper first came to the fore in , with the release of Wild Mountain “Thirsty Man” is a marvelous confection filled with juicy little details.

While listening to the third album from singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz, Build Me Up from Bones , it is hard to believe she is only 22 years old. The prodigious mandolin, banjo, and guitar player has a gorgeous voice, an uncommon way with words that is spellbinding, and she takes chances. VII is a solid return to form for the Portland, Oregon-based rock band after its lackluster previous release, American Goldwing.

As the lights dim and the countdown begins, it almost feels like a typical evening at Live Arts. But then you look away from your screen, and the illusion is broken. All art is political, but printmaking can take it to another level. We only need to consider the history of the Works Progress Administration, Soviet government propaganda, or even the Black Panther Party to see how print pieces can be immersed in ideology. Literally using knives to cut through. Hot tip: Part of the reason that Bob Ross and his happy little trees were so popular is that we were able to witness his process in real time or previously recorded real time.

Listen across a series of loops, echoes, and howls, and her performances stop you dead in your tracks. They make you feel something.

I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

Archives RSS. This is one band for whom a cliche truly applies; they really are better live. Songs that escaped my notice from the new record became favorites after hearing them live, like the groovy keyboard-heavy “Faces of You “- a song that really started off the first real hip-swaying of the night. By this time, lead singer Eric Earley was in typical Eric Earley-mode, adding a quick “yeah” after band members spoke up, and chuckling a little “ha ha” after ending each song. He doesn’t really talk much.

Blitzen Trapper rattled through classics like, ” Thirsty Man ” and ” Wild Mountain Nation ,” but the room temperature seemed to rise along with the crowd’s warmth when ” American Goldwing ” came on, a beloved harmonica-rich, folksy-grass tune off Trapper’s 6th album American Goldwing.

Official video for “Thirsty Man”, by Blitzen Trapper, directed by yours truly “​Thirsty Man” live on The Current in Minneapolis – one of the greatest radio.

All tickets are general admission standing room only with limited bench seating available on a first come first served basis. Over the course of 15 years and seven full-length albums, Blitzen Trapper has crafted one of the more compelling and varied catalogs in contemporary rock and roll. It also follows something of a pattern. Then came American Goldwing. After that, VII. Something else All Across This Land shares with Furr and American Goldwing: the fact that these new songs came quick, and in a very concentrated period of time.

And I think they work together because everything came in such a short period. And yet, for a record characterized by its focus, there is still plenty of musical and lyrical ground covered within its ten songs. And who knows? Maybe all that some people really want from us is folk music. But what we like to do is play rock music. On All Across This Land, they certainly do.

From there, he also began to look back on his relationship with his own father, a bluegrass and folk musician.

Fuse Album Review: Blitzen Trapper Holds Steady with “VII”

Overall, VII finds Blitzen Trapper maintaining its musical muscle even though its lyricist occasionally struggles. An unimaginative title provides a first impression of sorts. Thankfully, the album is not routine, thought it took a few listens to convince me.

Portland’s neo-folk rock heroes Blitzen Trapper are set to release their One of them is more hip-hoppy and the other is more like the groovy JJ Cale type. Thirsty Man was the first song we started playing live for people and.

Located in the historic Woodmen of the World Hall W. Its twelve tracks teem with vivid tales of longing, flight, desperation and redemption, all set in a sonic landscape at once familiar, but also strange and new, like a dream. Without a doubt the culmination of all the group’s best work, VII sounds a lot like America. Blitzen Trapper was founded in Portland, Oregon in by a group of native Pacific Northwesterners, who played around town endlessly to skeleton crowds and gave away an impressive stream of garage recordings on CDR for years.

Then came the Blitzen Trapper record in , and Field Rexx in But it wasn’t until ‘s self-released Wild Mountain Nation made a big splash that they finally hit the road, setting the stage for Furr ‘s release the following year.

Blitzen Trapper: Might Find it Cheap (OFFICIAL)

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