Epiphone Mayfair 5-String Banjo

This is a guide to help you identify your guitar’s place and year of manufacture by the instrument’s serial number alone, based on the information given on the unofficial Epiphone wiki here , which mostly seems down nowadays. There are basically four distinct formats, also called identifiers, in which order serial numbers occur on Epiphone instruments. For Japanese and refurbished models, which are special cases, see bottom. Note : Models from and onwards omit the factory ID letter prefix. Pre productions also frequently omit the factory letter codes and appeared as all digits, e. Note : There may be no factory designator for some and earlier models. A single digit month of manufacture may occur for some and earlier models. The ranking number may consist of any number of digits. Factory Letter Codes.

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Epiphone is an American musical instrument manufacturer founded in by Anastasios Stathopoulos, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. In , Epiphone, Inc. Epiphone was Gibson’s main rival in the archtop market prior to However, the company’s weakness in the aftermath of World War II and death of Epaminondas Stathopoulos in allowed Gibson to purchase it. Epiphone began in , in Smyrna , Ottoman Empire now İzmir , Turkey , where Greek founder Anastasios Stathopoulos made his own fiddles and lutes oud , laouto.

Stathopoulo moved to the United States in and continued to make his original instruments, as well as mandolins , from a factory at 36th Street in Long Island City , Queens , New York.

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Ever wonder exactly when your favorite guitar was made? You sort of remember when you got it, but you want to really know its history, especially if you’re not the first owner. Here’s a brief rundown of how to do it, plus resources for more information. Looking for Gibson Guitars? Click HERE. There you have it! Test it out next time you are checking out a friend’s guitar and collection share the knowledge!

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How Old Is My Guitar? Use the Serial Number!

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With mahogany neck, traditional mahogany body, and remo head, the Epiphone MB First Pick Banjo generates a warm, plucky resonance that’ll be an.

No two models of banjos sound alike. Older banjos are highly prized for their unique tones that evoke the late great artists of blues, bluegrass, and folk. With a few exceptions, older banjos are more sought-after. This is because older models use now-defunct materials, giving them tone that is unique from more modern instruments. Many early Gibson models are incredibly valuable. You can find the age of your banjo by Google searching the model name and serial number.

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Locating the Serial Number of your Gibson Banjo. Most prewar and wartime Gibson banjos are actually marked with factory order numbers rather than serial numbers , but for right now you don’t need to be worried about the distinction unless you’re just especially interested! If your banjo has a wooden back, or resonator, you’ll need to remove it to get to the factory order number.

Don’t worry. The resonator will be held in place by three or four large screws that look like the one in the middle of this photo:. On some earlier Gibson banjos, the screws will have small hex-shaped heads instead of the large round heads. These screws can just be undone with your fingers and once the back is removed, you will likely see a factory order number in three places.

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Please click here for delivery information and hours. Glorious tone in a compact design! The Epiphone MB Banjo is perfect for any bluegrass or stringband player. With its warm, mellow tone that resonates beautifully, you are sure to be at the centre of the party and the soundtrack for those nights under the stars next to a flickering fire! The Epiphone MB Banjo features mahogany body and neck which produced a warm rounded tone with plenty of body while other elements of the banjo give the MB the classic banjo brightness.

This Banjo is made with beginners in mind and thus is great value for money for an instrument that will last for years, from a name that you can trust like Epiphone.

Epiphone Banjos

The best methods of identifying them is by using a combination of the serial number, the factory order number and any features that are particular to a specific time that changes may have occurred in instrument design i. There have been 6 different serial number styles used to date on Gibson instruments. The first serialization started in and ran until The serial numbers started with number and go to

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View Full Version : dating an old Epiphone model Adelphi. I have an old Adelphi model A style. The label reads “Epiphone Masterbuilt Instrument” and the serial number is clearly visible. I have not been able to locate any good source of information about serial numbers from Epiphone for old instruments. Any suggestions? They claim to go back to with this. Now, all the explanation talks about “guitars” so I have no idea if it works for mandolins.

I know nada about Epiphone’s serial numbering schemes; I’m just passing this link on as a possible resource. I once dated an old Epiphone model named Adele. Then I met a Gibson girl and never looked back. Different company, I know, but perhaps the same holds true for Epiphone.

Identifying Vintage Guitars, Banjos & Mandolins

General Information and Specs. Epiphone vintage guitars general info and collecting. Private vintage guitar collector. Pictures, history for epiphone vintage guitars.

some point. See more ideas about Banjo, Things to sell, Epiphone. Patent No. Gretsch, Epiphone, Banjos The serial numbers match on the stick and rim.

Save Password. Here is my plausible model based on known catalogs, advertisements, large sample of Epiphone SN with full characterizations to help track changes. I welcome any new information that can help strengthen this up any further. Hercules Tuners occasionally found. Some early Bandmasters found with nickel plated flanges, also made of maple instead of the later Brazilian Rosewood.

Resonator sometimes has wood inserts to support flange.

Dave Hum – Comparing Banjos

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